Crash One Typeface

Crash One Typeface Brush is a new and stylish tremble bold font that is free for all to download. Get the creation for personal use and drop it into your projects!

Download Crash One Typeface Font

You will have the chance to connect to a strange handwritten font. It is a design and a product by Pathero Studio. It has a distinctive, funny, and modern look.

However, the item will be able to make the texts in your project become more enchanting for sure.

Crash One also offers plenty of classic characters along with lowercase, uppercase, and punctuations. As well, it provides numbers, ligatures, and international letters.


When it comes to adding personality and flair to your typography, Crash One steps into the spotlight. Let’s explore its standout features:

  • Brushed Elegance: Crash One boasts a dynamic brush stroke style. Its bold, expressive lines create an immediate impact, making it perfect for attention-grabbing headlines, logos, and posters.
  • Versatile Glyphs: With a comprehensive set of standard characters, lowercase, uppercase, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and international characters, Crash One adapts seamlessly to various design contexts.
  • Alternate Glyphs: Dive deeper into customization with alternate glyphs. Whether you’re designing a playful invitation or a striking T-shirt graphic, these variations allow you to infuse your work with uniqueness.
  • OpenType Features: If you’re using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you’re in luck! Crash One supports OpenType features. Access all those delightful alternates effortlessly.
  • Free and Fun: Crash One is generously offered as a 100% free font.

Crash One Typeface is a free-to-download font ideal to complete your private goals.

Crash One Typeface Preview


License: Personal & Commercial Use
Font Type: Free
Format: OTF, TTF
File Size: 567.88 KB
Total Files: 1

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