Linotte Semi Bold Font

Linotte Sans Serif is a semi-bold font free for personal works. It bears nice vibes and gives your design a warm look.

This sans serif font family comes with round edges with bold and light strokes. Some tiny irregularities bring a warm look to it, while its solid geometric structure makes it great in long texts. You can approach this typeface in the OpenType format. It features a wide range of cool elements such as:

  • Various arrows and icons
  • European languages
  • Various modern features, for instance, good-looking alternates, superscript, and so forth
  • Many weights for you to choose from such as Light, Regular, Semi-bold, Bold, and Heavy

The font will work best on texts for various products like book cover, magazine, or items that bring a friendly touch.

The Aesthetics

The irregularities in Linotte Semi Bold give it a warm and naive appearance, reminiscent of handwritten notes passed between friends. Yet, its solid geometric construction ensures excellent legibility even in lengthy texts and small sizes. The balance between playfulness and structure makes this font truly captivating.


Whether you’re designing for print or digital media, Linotte Semi Bold shines in several contexts:

  • Branding and Logos: Brands seeking a friendly yet polished image can rely on Linotte. Its rounded forms evoke approachability, making it ideal for logos and visual identities.
  • Editorial Design: In magazines, brochures, or book covers, Linotte Semi Bold adds a touch of personality. Its readability ensures a pleasant reading experience.
  • Web Design: For web headers, buttons, or call-to-action elements, this font’s playful curves create visual interest without sacrificing clarity.
  • Packaging: Imagine Linotte Semi Bold gracing artisanal product labels or gourmet food packaging. It infuses a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship.

Where to Find It

You can download Linotte Semi Bold from the following sources:

  1. Kafont: This website offers the font for free.
  2. MaisFontes: Available for personal use.
  3. BeFonts: Explore the complete Linotte font family.

Linotte Semi Bold Font can be applied to personal and commercial projects without costing any fees.



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