Breathe Font

Breathe Handwritten is a great free font for Display purposes. It features two styles that you can pick from for your designs.

Breathe Font

The font was brought by MediaLab team and it is completely free to use in personal or commercial projects. Therefore, you can easily put it in any works you want without buying a license. The good thing about this typeface is that it features two styles that come in all the latest formats, including OTF and TTF. So, you are able to select your preferred style for your designs.

The Breathe Font gracefully dances between the realms of calligraphy and modern design, inviting us to pause, inhale deeply, and appreciate the artistry of letterforms. Created by the talented designer Din Studio, this typeface whispers serenity and exhales sophistication.

The Aesthetics

Each character in the Breathing Font is meticulously crafted, as if the ink flowed effortlessly from a seasoned calligrapher’s brush. The strokes sway with a gentle rhythm, reminiscent of a calm breeze rustling through leaves. The curves and loops evoke a sense of balance, mirroring the delicate equilibrium we seek in our lives.


Whether you’re designing a wedding invitation, a logo for a wellness retreat, or a book cover for a mindfulness guide, the Breathing Font adapts seamlessly. Its versatility lies in its ability to convey both warmth and professionalism. The lowercase letters nestle together like old friends, while the uppercase characters stand tall, asserting their presence.


Breathing Font finds its home in projects that celebrate life’s quiet moments. Imagine it gracing the pages of a poetry collection, where words breathe life into emotions. Picture it on a spa brochure, promising relaxation and rejuvenation. Its ligatures and swashes add a touch of whimsy, like a secret shared between kindred spirits.


While the Breathing Font is available for personal use without charge, commercial use requires a license. So, if you’re a designer seeking to infuse your creations with tranquility, consider supporting the artist by obtaining the full version.

In a world that often rushes, the Breathe Font reminds us to pause, savor the present, and let our souls exhale.

Besides a basic set of alphabets, you can also use numbers and symbols available in the font. They will diversify your works as well as make them look more incredible. Breathe Font is ready for you to use to create texts for invitation, log, greeting card, and so forth.



License: Personal & Commercial Use
Font Type: Free
Format: OTF, TTF
File Size: 1.6 MB
Total Files: 1